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Family Rafting Trip in Nepal

Family River Rafting Trip creates bond and deepens friendship not only with waters and history of river courses but families and other folklore. Family Rafting in Nepal is an exciting River Rafting Adventure and also an ideal rafting vacation scenario providing both fun and learning for the whole family. An unforgettable Family River Rafting experience, fun-filled and the wildest of adventure possible which stimulates your senses and your body takes it all in. Involving a family and indulging and captivating their imagination with free flowing rapids cascading waterfalls brings them closer to the river waters and instigates and drives them to explore and develop a fondness for waters during their entire life. Kids grow up very fast, so make the best of the time with you have with them. Create lifetime memories away from hectic day life for just a day as long as you can.

Family River Rafting Trip or Family Adventure Trips means BIG fun and awesome togetherness! Himalayan River Operator is a thoroughly recognized and organized Rafting Agency in Nepal with an astounding experience of over 20 years in this business organizes wildest to the mildest Rafting Trips and is there to create memories that last a lifetime! We are a Rafting Family known for creating world-class family experiences. Since its all about a Family Rafting Trip we have a wide range of activities and adventures, fitting for all age ranges, abilities and adventure levels, we create trips for families with time for discovery, safe exploration, responsible relaxation and overall enjoyable family river rafting vacation.

While having fun, though, safety is our top priority! Himalayan River Operator takes numerous extra safety precautions:

1. Instructional and safety orientations prior to launch

2. Guides IRF (International Rafting Federation) certified also in First Aid and CPR, with many maintaining higher certifications.

3. Adjustments to age limits, rivers, trails, boats, tour vehicles and even trip cancellations due to safety concerns.

4. Free helmets on river trips.

5. Highly maintained, tour vehicles and river equipments.

Single families, families and friends and family reunions or enjoy exploring together in outdoor river adventures. All of us here at Himalayan River Operator are kids at heart and we love to create fun family river rafting trips in the outdoors. We have specifically designed kid’s itinerary and graded them according to their specific age groups. Mild options in the Trishuli rivers holding less rapids and currents best suited for the age group of (age 4 and above). Intermediate options for (kids of 12 and above) in the mixed river having currents and rapids in equal numbers. High Adventure Options (for kids of 16 and above) all must be physically fit and ready for a pre-trip swim through the rapids)

We know raising a family is expensive and that all you want to do all you can for your kids. We try to help by packing our most popular rafting trip options together to save you money.

Special Ways We Care for You on our Family Rafting Trips:

1. Providing highly trained experienced and caring guides.

2. Trip Consultants that ask about you and your needs so we can recommend and provide the best family experience for you!

3. Accommodating special family requests and needs – just ask us!

4. Being family focused! We are a family. We love kids! We specifically provide kid-friendly guides during the course, education and fun!

5. Group discounts for families of 10 or more.

Enjoy special moments with your family while the Himalayan River Operator staff takes care of you on whichever river rafting adventure you choose!

White water rafting amidst Golden Mahseer

White water rafting or rafting in Nepal coincides and supplements each other. White water rafting and fishing are two faces of the same coin. A white water rafting adventure is incomplete without netting down some fishes from the river waters. An adventurous appealing encounter with turbulent waters swirling and twirling down the river courses poses a thrilling adrenaline sending signals of nerve jingling waves across the spines is all about white water rafting. Waters are a mystery for both humans and the aquatic inhabitants alike as we can always expect the unexpected in every streamline we sail. The Himalayan country of Nepal is absolutely tailor made for this kind of angler adventure. Talking about white water rafting which is an age old practice in Nepal and ardently followed by western traveler’s bear’s significance and adds meaning and recognition to this angler sport. As all major rivers of Nepal has been an abundant spawning ground of fish. Different game fish can be found a plenty while on a fishing rafting tour or a fly fishing tour.

A white water rafting along with fishing adventure in mind takes you across the Bardiya River in Nepal. Pristine fresh river water a fishery holding varieties of fishes numbering to almost hundreds is indeed inviting and a tempting affair. This river bears significance as it homes a majestic fish “The Golden Mahseer”. An, indigenous fresh water ferocious fish, weighing in access of 55kgs regarded as fighting fresh water species of fish worth attempting and ambushing it. As white water rafting has always been spectacular in Nepal due to its rich river sources flowing criss cross across the inlands and main lands of the country. River courses in Nepal are tame as well as wild depending upon the zones you choose to raft. One thing common about these rivers while rafting is more often than not you will definitely come across rapids in most of the rivers. Hence white water rafting along the rapids and fishing the golden mahseer is an exciting adventure sport which is attempted ardently by large number of western travelers. Experience this fishing white water rafting expedition for Golden Mahseer and get swept away willingly across the sublime river waters with safe and certain oars of Himalayan River Operator. A highly reputed, and well known Rafting agency in Nepal having decades of experience and expert operators to guide you and make your rafting trip worthwhile and memorable in years to come. Come and paddle around the shores of water rich Nepal and capture the captivating golden moments of gold filled Golden Mahseer with us.

Rafting around Kathmandu

Rafting around Kathmandu is one of the stunning and most exotic rafting affairs with the pristine glacial river waters of the Himalayas. Rafting is not only about cascading through shaded canyons, majestic gorges, rock strewn currents but getting in touch with fascinating cultures, paddling the wilderness of Nepal’s diversified flora and fauna. Take a plunge through towering gorges and forested foothills before a more tranquil journey along the Ganges plain. Feel the spiritual blessing in the air en route to the Hindu and Buddhist temples and rituals and get charmed thrilled and fascinated throughout the rafting journey. Rafting around Kathmandu gives you a chance to explore the hidden secrets unfolded mystery amidst the turbulent river waters revealing the cultural and historical significance of this water rich country for many a years.

A seasoned river operator having rafting experience of more than 20 years provides you with one of the passionate adventures while kayaking through various rivers around Kathmandu. Before setting out on a voyage into the rivers we categorize the rafting circuits into seasoned circuits and beginners as all do not have the expertise to get acquainted with the river routes. Therefore we have graded the rivers according to their difficulty and challenges right from grade-1 to grade- 5. The most attractive easily accessible and interesting is the Trishuli river. Due to its close proximity with the Kathmandu city and it can be attempted with considerable ease. The rapids are ferocious sometimes; however with the expert guidance it can be achieved and experienced without a scratch. It is suitable for the families and can be taken up as a family tour too. Another popular entity in river rafting is the Bhote Koshi River. A drive of around 3 hour’s approx from Kathmandu will reach you to this spectacularly short white water rafting trips in the world. Stunningly steepest with continuous and consistent rapids throughout the circuit gives an adrenaline rush sending waves of jitters in your spines while cascading to and fro giving you an intense feeling of this thrilling rafting trip. Bhote Koshi river circuit is therefore graded in the category of 4 -5. Hence this rafting circuit is an ideal rafting trip for intense river rafting followers who have a bit of prior rafting experience.

Himalayan river operator glides you and rides you through the vast river waters with relative ease. Rafting made easy and convenient for the river rafters around the world is our speciality. We are multipurpose and multidiverse river rafting a one of its kind in Nepal when it comes to rafting around Kathmandu. We have varied rafting range for all seasons, viz., short rafting, long rafting, family rafting, monsoon adventure rafting and River expedition. We are extremely professional in our approach, passionate and responsible about running rivers and safety of the tourist. Share and experience the proud river waters of Nepal around Kathmandu with our invaluable acquaintance and knowledge with years of international experience and know-how, an asset and strength to operate rafting adventure with a great deal of fun and safety. Get into the groove and dance with the flow of river waters while rafting with us.

Rafting in Nepal

Rafting or river rafting is not only an outdoor activity but a challenging recreation done on white water or different degrees of rough water. This particular adventure provides you with absolute thrill and excitement of the highest level. This river sport gained popularity in the mid-1970’s evolving from individuals padding 10 ft raft with double- bladed paddles to multi person raft propelled by single bladed paddles and steered by tour guides at the stern. Rafting in Nepal has not been behind in this adventure sport too. As Nepal is blessed with water resource a plenty; it is one of the water rich countries in the world and a paradise for water rafting of the international quality. Topography of Nepal is such that it has abundance of water tributaries making it a heavenly place for encountering the waters of delight. It holds rivers such as Trishuli, SunKoshi, Karnali, Bhote Koshi, Bheri, Tamur, Kali Gandaki, Upper and Lower Seti, Marshyangdi and many more… Once you beckon on this white water paradise it takes your breath away with its amazing diverse variations of white water adventure enticing you to take a plunge and have a dip into the pristine crystal waters giving a glimpse of surprises it holds for you.

River rafting in Nepal has gained popularity and scaled new heights over the years. As river rafting in Nepal is specially designed to attract visitors and give them an endless opportunity to be amazed and bedazzled with its scenic and contrasting areas offering a good variety of Nepali landscapes and its beauty as one paddles across this extreme picturesque territory of Nepal. Nepal is a granary of breath taking water resource with more than half a dozens of white water resources suitable for rafting at an excellent pace. However to address to your needs and gift you with a life time adventure of river rafting a perfect ally is needed to execute water sport according to the desired interest and capacity. Himalayan river operator is one such name who has been conducting this highly adventurous sport successfully over the years with enormous amount of sheer perfection. Rafting is not only about getting into a designed shelter and taking a plunge and exploring without appropriate guidance and adequate precautionary measures. Here Himalayan river operator plays a major role in letting you experience the water borne thrill of a life time. An, expert powerhouse and a leading pioneer of, white water rafting and kayaking since 20 years with the support of expert guides and instructors of renowned credibility. All the expert guides and instructors are International Rafting Federation (IRA) certified professionals in rafting, kayaking and other water related sports too.

Himalayan River operators are personalized responsible rafters themselves as they organize and monitor all the water expedition personally. They are the only river rafting operators in Nepal fully equipped with Swift Water Resource Technique (SWRT) and White Water Rescue Techniques (WWRT). As resourcefulness and thorough knowledge and appropriate seasonal information is required to carry out a successful rafting trip with utmost safety. As Nepal’s water rapids are diverse and pose a threat to the rafters if ventured out at the wrong time. Himalayan River Operator has its itineraries specifically designed according to the water standards into 2 broad categories as short duration (2-3) hours or even a day, to an overnight or a multiple-day rafting and kayaking river trips in Nepal.  Short river trips are normally carried out on rivers having easier sections and Trishuli River graded as III+ is one of them with a combination of impressive gorges, valleys, challenging rapids swelling and turbulent during the course and monsoon is the best season to attempt it. Similarly rushing waters of Sun Koshi graded as IV to V, Bhote Koshi a classic rapid again is graded as IV to V, Tamur River and Bheri rivers are graded in III to IV, and Seti under II to III. River rafting in Nepal comes to life in the monsoon when water is plenty and river beds and its resources swells around and becomes turbulent providing a perfect occasion to float on the water. Rivers in Nepal are divine and a rewarding spectrum for river rafting in Nepal. A magical method, to explore Nepal through waterways, and get an insight about the untouched and unexplored landscapes up-close with the flora and faunas along with the local communities too. White water rafting combines serene water bound adventure with the excitement and adrenaline of white water rapids as well as an opportunity to camp on scheduled river benches and get to know the local communities and their remote wilderness.

Himalayan river operator is a rafting agent in Nepal consistently taking rafting to the next level with pedigree of accuracy expertise and personalized rafting tours. Come experience the rapids of swirling turbulent rivers as its rapid best and give way to your wildest adventure memorabilia here on the river beds of Nepal

Rafting in Nepal with Bhote Kosi

All running river rafting in Nepal cannot adequately prepare a person for his first encounter with truly gigantic white water: the ferocity of the noise and trubulance; the fugues of competing currents, all colliding together and snapping like a tail end whip or diving straight to the bottom of the river where, inside the Bhote Kosi that can scour out holes that reach immense depths.

As this is how? I summed up my first encounter with an enigma as turbulent as Bhote Kosi while river rafting in Nepal. I left Kathmandu with Harry and Chris at about 8.00 in the morning and drove round about 3 hours. We hurriedly scraped through whatever we could and got ready for the ride of a lifetime on the currents which intimidated us for a long time. In the meanwhile the crew assembled all the necessary equipments needed to encounter the rapids and tame it while rafting through the treacherous courses that were about to befriend with us.

River rafting in Nepal can be a nightmare if you give away your confidence and not a good listener, as one approaches the numerous rapids it appears narrow and bends become harsh and wild continuously the currents gather momentum and accelerates surprisingly at a top speed becoming wide and untimely taking your breath away giving you a feeling of swept by an eagle out of the woods. An unbelievable experience of raging river.

Finally after all the startling scares we finally came to an end of our River rafting tour in Nepal. We had an extremely wonderful time and which made us feel and gave an adventure filled sensation of River rafting in Nepal which was truly sensational without a doubt.