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Why Raft with Himalayan River Operator

For a tantalizing treat in the form of adrenaline, heart-pumping adventure you must go whitewater rafting in Nepal! Water sports enthusiasts will be won over by the warm water and fun rapids offered by rafting trips in the Trishuli, Bhote Koshi and other areas of Nepal.

More Rivers To Raft

Himalayan River Operator offers white water rafting on more rivers than any other Nepal river rafting outfitter. Choose from dozens of unique rafting itineraries in and around Nepal , including rafting escapes lasting just one day, fun-filled rafting weekends, three-week long rafting adventure vacations and just about everything in between.

More Paddling Experience

Himalayan River Operators have escorted more than 1000s of guests on the rivers around Nepal. Our reliable, responsible and experienced whitewater guides are some of the best anywhere. All are IRF certified guides, and well trained in First Aid; many have earned credentials in Swift Water Rescue Technique and Leave No Trace.

Fewer Crowds

Himalayan River Operator offers the best guide to guest ratio (1:4) in the rafting industry, giving you the personalized attention you expect and deserve. Typically we carry no more than 4 to 6 passengers per raft.

Responsible Eco-Friendly Rafting Operator

We are environmentally committed and have always pledged and tried to sustain the ecosystem during our rafting trip adventures. Our mission is to provide exceptional active rafting experiences in and around various river water sources while preserving and protecting Nepal’s unique ecosystem using the best available ecologically sound practices.

Our environmental efforts include:-

Teaching and practicing Leave No Trace ethics on all our trips.

Do not remove any objects, plants or animal products from nature.

Be aware of local endangered species and not to purchase souvenirs made from their skin feathers etc.

Know Your River Rafting Trip – My Personal Experiences to the World

Being an avid adventure enthusiast myself, and having a reasonable experience of whitewater rafting as a participant, I felt the need to share the much needed knowledge about rafting , among the people who plan such adventures  for themselves, friends, families ,or other corporate teams alike.

Whitewater rafting in Nepal is not just a simple touristy fun trip, and should not be treated like one. A good understanding about the activity is extremely important for anyone looking to participate in such a tour. A rafting trip should be considered as an eco-friendly river experience of being in the vicinity of the river and its natural surroundings. The rafting adventure by itself is the highlight of such an experience and should be held the most important and inseparable component of the entire rafting trip.

Understanding the hazards

Careful consideration should be the ideal ordeal while attempting this rafting adventure. Regardless of how easy or safe an operator may state, rafting is an adventure activity, and has its hazards which can be as severe as deaths. As a participant it is your sole responsibility to understand the risk and assess the confidence and safety measures that are offered to mitigate these hazards.

As a participant, you also need to be conversant with the hazards and showmanship should be completely avoided. Large amount of fatal accidents happen due to negligent participants who are unaware and disregard the basic precautions. The rivers should not be compared to a swimming pool. Even the best of swimmers would have a hard time tackling the complex river currents.

Many accidents in the past have happened on weekends which are extremely crowded when greedy operators have enrolled far more guests than they have the capability to ever handle. This results in major negligence, poor administration of trips, use of gear which has well past its good use life, and lack of the much needed supervision on the river and at camp.

Rafting and kayaking Training in Nepal

Himlayan River Operator has been an epitome for River Rafting and Kayaking in Nepal. We also happen to be the flag bearer for this particular water adventure for  more than 2 decades. Based on our incomparable dedication and relentless quality service, have earned a repute with International Rafting Federation which is an achievement for us.   As a result, we were granted a special right to conduct the prestigious International Rafting Federation assessment drive here in Nepal.  This particular assessment drive was conducted on 3rd December up to 5th December on the shores of the violent and raging Bhote Koshi River.  The participants involved in this assesment drive were basically from Nepal, India and Japan and numbered to 25.  All the participants enthusiastically took part and, tried to prove themselves with their best enduring performances and water skills.

A platform for professionals and novices alike, to get what it takes to be an expert water guide and make a lucarative career in this particular profession. Overwehlemingly and ardently all our International Rafting Federation certified experts conducted this particular drive giving sufficient and required instructions  in between the tests, boosting the morale of the participants so that they could perform without  any technical fear.  This particular drive was a huge success as the entire assesment was a bagful of mixed experiences, be it camping  around the bonfire, or attempting an individual assesment routine, the environment around the river beaches was absoultely lively, entertaining and demanding  as well.  Looking at the entire assesment scenario, we are pretty certain that it in near future , assesments of these magnitude will gain momentum and spread not only in handful of countries but all around the globe.  This is quite a remarkable achievement and a glorious feat, bestowed by the International Rafting Federation, not only to our organization but also to Nepal.

Christmas Paddles With New Years Oars – Himalayan River Operator

Planning to do something out of the blue this Christmas! Perhaps you are making a wise decision of difference. As every year celebrating your holiday in the similar passion and fashion becomes monotonous and rigid. Give way to this rigid affair and plan a holiday and rise above the horizon and land into one of the most wonderstruck and popular destinations in Nepal. Especially outdoor adventure is at its very best during this season, and water adventures are the best options to choose from. Rafting during this particular season adds new dimensions and people’s perspective fluctuates in the span of every few kilometers of the water journey which is breathtaking and exquisite.

As New Year is fast approaching and making its way into the lives with a new hope and horizon, adorn yourself with the celebration wings of oceanful discounts at Himalayan River Operator, which is surprising and different this year and make sure that you do not miss out.
We take you into varied white waters, crystal clear and pure as your imagination, water circuits loaded with streamlined opportunities of beaming nature glistening under the sun’s rays is spectacular phenomenon to be in. We have made adequate arrangements in-house to keep you glued to exciting offers and make your water trip absorbing yet very gleeful and interesting.
Most often than not, individuals accompany families while making a trip to this part of the world, therefore all our itineraries are designed and categorized, making sure that there is everything for everyone when they make their mind to have a complete outing here in Nepal.

We have made sure about what we are going to do this Christmas, have you? Rest aside all your quests for a holiday maker and leave all your worries and confusions to us. We take care of your entire travel journey right from the scratch till the end of it. Choosing river rafting adventure from others is wiser and appropriately perfect. The best way to know Nepal is by its waters than any other means; it takes you into the inner hearts of the nature and presents you with the purest charms and bonding with local tradition, culture and indigenous people. Make sure you do not miss out on this voyage of a life time.

Trishuli Winter White Water Rafting 30 Nov 2013


Thank you so much for join  Rafting with Himalayan River Operator Nepal (p) Ltd  Hope you all had good fun with us in Trishuli hope to see you soon next  year !! High Five ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..!! Guides are – 1,Binay, 2, santosh, 3,Mahendra,  &  safty kayakers –  Jeevan, & Raju ( Katsutoshi )       Team Himalayan River Operator Nepal 

Trishuli Kayak Clinic Trip

Our Japanese client  Katsutoshi he will following the main safety kayaker line !!

hron (1)

Good Line on the Wave ya hooooooooooooooooooooooo !!

hron (2)

Katsutoshi  get unbalance after the big splash he he he he he he !!

hron (3)

He is on the Big  hole ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !!

hron (4)

Come on he will throw out the big wave but little unbalance up up up up !!

hron (5)

Almost he make it  steel hard paddling  and he success ya hoooooooooo !!

hron (6)

Thank you so much katsutoshi san for join kayaking with Himalayan River Operator Nepal (P) Ltd I hope you had good time with our guide santosh and jeevan in Trishuli Kayaking Trip hope to see you soon if you wan’t to join again another river as well as please Remember us Thank you !!          Team Himalayan River Operator Nepal (P) Ltd.                                                                                     Contact – no- 00977- 01-4700007                                                                                                        Mobile  - no- 00977-9851109652 , 9841821564                                                                                 e-mail –