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Fishing in Nepal – Nepal Fishing Trips

Fishing in Nepal is primarily and outstanding water sport testing tolerance patience along with long enduring abilities to entice a fish to lure into bait or an angle is interesting and rewarding as well. Fishing is an eco-friendly sport perfectly suited for a country like Nepal, rich in water resources of varied nature and courses. Rivers of the likes of Betrawati, Indrawati, Karnali, Trishuli and Koshi are popular rivers where fishing can be done. Nepal fishing trips have always been known to present elusive and exiting fishes to pursue and difficult to persuade or lure into one of the nets or anglers.

Nepal Fishing Trips offers you a galore of fish species ranging from trout, catfish, Murrei, rainbow trout, common trout and more. The best season for fishing in Nepal is from October to November and February to May. Fishing in Nepal is always remembered for the elusive Golden Himalayan Mahseer an ultimate prize for the anglers all around the world. This particular aquatic species is an aggressive feeder and weighs over 100lbs (50kgs) easily one of the great sporting fresh water fish found in the Indian sub-continent. However Karnali is a boom in disguise for fish lovers and provides an excellent spot for fishing enthusiast.

Himalayan River Operator is a profound provider of seamless fishing trips in Nepal. Fishing Trips here have always been ardently pursued by visitors all over the world as it entirely handles and takes care of each aspect related to this adventurous activity right from the equipments to water courses and most eminent among all safety. Be there to be drained out and take a spirited plunge being streamlined along with the marine stalwarts and get the desired pick of your choice.


Himalayan River Operator – Skill Development Training

Himalayan River Operator has always been and will continue to be one of the frontrunners, when it comes to river rafting in Nepal. Systematic planning and innovative initiatives are a hallmark of its water operations over the years. Enhancing, developing and up gradation of skills along with directional motivations have immensely aided the rafting activity and boosted the dexterity amongst rafting lovers from all walks of life. In conjugation to its years of active involvement in river rafting activity off late it added one more feather to its illustrious reputation by being a part of recently concluded Skill Development Training Program conducted by Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) at Netra Taal Dhading.

At TAAN’S initiation a 10 day Skill Development Training Program from 20th -29th January got underway at one of the impressive river waters of Netra Taal, involving categories that included boating, first-aid, rafting, rescue operations, environmental awareness and fresh water fishing. The entire program was targeted and centered around development and training of staff members associated with the umbrella organization for trekking. The entire program was a great success as the members actively participated and were involved and excited in learning advanced as well as other upgraded techniques related to water circuit. Himalayan River Operator team not only showcased their skills and abilities but extended and provided excellent in puts and expertise on to the members which was quite remarkable and precise.

At the conclusion of this program, the member participants were awarded with certificates by Minister of Cultural Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Ram Kumar Shrestha, present on the occasion were secretary for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Sushil Ghimire and president of TAAN Mr. Ramesh Dhamala. This exciting event had all the elements of an adrenaline pumping water voyage from placid waters to roaring and cascading thrills stretching and testing the participant’s physical limits by posing hindrances on every twirl. However despite all the odds the program provided a deep insight into water related obstacles and apt skills necessary to combat seen and unforeseen dangers while taking to the waters.