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Top 5 rivers for rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal is the adventurous way of exploring various rivers, valleys originating from Himalayas along the feeling of ultimate thrill and excitement. Nepal rafting rivers are ideal for both beginners and experienced paddlers. White water rafting in Nepal can be experienced while you embark for trekking or tours in Nepal. From one day rafting trip to multiday rafting camp, kayak clinics, these adventurous trips of rafting in Nepal can be tailor made and fit that best suits according to your itinerary.
Don’t miss out white water rafting adventure in Himalayan country and choose any of these top five rivers for rafting in Nepal.

1.       Trisuli River Rafting:

Trisuli river rafting is one of the most popular and demanding rafting river in Nepal. With few hours of road trip both from Kathmandu and Pokhara you can be at the put in point of Trisuli. While rafting on Trisuli river, you will get an opportunity to spectacle beautiful gorges, exciting rapids along comfortable sections. Rated as grade 3 on difficulty Trisuli becomes raging enormously creating ocean like waves during monsoon (June,July). However, it remains as the best rafting river in Nepal for all.

2.       Sunkoshi River Rafting:

During your holidays between September and January, take a break and experience best of rafting in the world on Sunkoshi river (Golden river). Located at eastern Nepal with good road connections from highway, and Dolalghat being the put in point and Chatra being take out; raft on golden river with spectacular sceneries, exciting rapids, sand beaches, campsites; the perfect multi day(10 days) rafting trip in Nepal.

3.       Seti River Rafting:

      Seti River offers the most gentle and light rafting adventure across forested lands in beautiful Annapurna region of Nepal. Rafting, fishing and camping alongside sand beach of Seti river along taking part in wilderness activity would be the perfect family rafting trip in Nepal. A short two day rafting on Seti river can be easily joined from two major cities Pokhara and Kathmandu.  Set River rafting is best experienced with excursion to Chitwan National Park or trekking in Annapurna region.

4.       Kaligandaki River Rafting:

Kaligandaki river rafting consists of 3 and 4 graded rapids with visit to temples, deepest gorge of the world and sceneries along the way for three days. Kaligandaki is the holy river in Nepal and named after goddesses Kali known for her fierceness nature. Maldunga is the put in point and Mirmi is the takeout point of Kaligandaki river rafting trip. Raft in day light, explore the local region and relax at sand beach campsite during evening which makes it among top five rafting rivers in Nepal.

5.       Bhote Koshi River Rafting:

Bhote Koshi River nearby Kathmandu valley is formed by the glacial melting of Tibetan mountains which turns out to be technical and adventurous rafting experience across beautiful gorges, valleys and Himalayan sceneries. Bhote Koshi River rafting is for all those adventure lovers who want to feel the adrenaline and excitement at highest level.

Have you experienced white rafting adventure in Nepal? How was your experience? What are your top five rivers for rafting in Nepal? Post on comment below. We love to hear from you.

Can non-swimmers go for rafting?

Yes is the answer. Rafting is believed to be thrilling, wild and ultimate adventurous water sport and there is always a certain level of risk involved in it. As we know rafting is a water sport, knowing how to swim can be an additional advantage but non swimmers can also go for rafting trips and have a great time. One of the most important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t be afraid of water.

Trained safety experts from Himalayan River Operator Nepal and special rafting outfit (buoyancy vests) are always there for your safety and minimization of risk. Even if you fall, the safety kayaks men are there in-front of us for rescue. Non swimmers should not go for class 4 or above rafting trips and should feel enjoyable in class 3 and below river rafting trips. In case of Nepal, Trisuli can be an ideal choice for beginners and non-swimmers. One thing that can amaze you is that falling is often taken as most exciting part of the trip. However, extensive instructions and “things to follow when you fall” are explained before the start of the trip.

So, even if you are non-swimmer you can go for rafting and have best experience with Himalayan River Operator Nepal.

Why Raft with Himalayan River Operator

For a tantalizing treat in the form of adrenaline, heart-pumping adventure you must go whitewater rafting in Nepal! Water sports enthusiasts will be won over by the warm water and fun rapids offered by rafting trips in the Trishuli, Bhote Koshi and other areas of Nepal.

More Rivers To Raft

Himalayan River Operator offers white water rafting on more rivers than any other Nepal river rafting outfitter. Choose from dozens of unique rafting itineraries in and around Nepal , including rafting escapes lasting just one day, fun-filled rafting weekends, three-week long rafting adventure vacations and just about everything in between.

More Paddling Experience

Himalayan River Operators have escorted more than 1000s of guests on the rivers around Nepal. Our reliable, responsible and experienced whitewater guides are some of the best anywhere. All are IRF certified guides, and well trained in First Aid; many have earned credentials in Swift Water Rescue Technique and Leave No Trace.

Fewer Crowds

Himalayan River Operator offers the best guide to guest ratio (1:4) in the rafting industry, giving you the personalized attention you expect and deserve. Typically we carry no more than 4 to 6 passengers per raft.

Responsible Eco-Friendly Rafting Operator

We are environmentally committed and have always pledged and tried to sustain the ecosystem during our rafting trip adventures. Our mission is to provide exceptional active rafting experiences in and around various river water sources while preserving and protecting Nepal’s unique ecosystem using the best available ecologically sound practices.

Our environmental efforts include:-

Teaching and practicing Leave No Trace ethics on all our trips.

Do not remove any objects, plants or animal products from nature.

Be aware of local endangered species and not to purchase souvenirs made from their skin feathers etc.

Know Your River Rafting Trip – My Personal Experiences to the World

Being an avid adventure enthusiast myself, and having a reasonable experience of whitewater rafting as a participant, I felt the need to share the much needed knowledge about rafting , among the people who plan such adventures  for themselves, friends, families ,or other corporate teams alike.

Whitewater rafting in Nepal is not just a simple touristy fun trip, and should not be treated like one. A good understanding about the activity is extremely important for anyone looking to participate in such a tour. A rafting trip should be considered as an eco-friendly river experience of being in the vicinity of the river and its natural surroundings. The rafting adventure by itself is the highlight of such an experience and should be held the most important and inseparable component of the entire rafting trip.

Understanding the hazards

Careful consideration should be the ideal ordeal while attempting this rafting adventure. Regardless of how easy or safe an operator may state, rafting is an adventure activity, and has its hazards which can be as severe as deaths. As a participant it is your sole responsibility to understand the risk and assess the confidence and safety measures that are offered to mitigate these hazards.

As a participant, you also need to be conversant with the hazards and showmanship should be completely avoided. Large amount of fatal accidents happen due to negligent participants who are unaware and disregard the basic precautions. The rivers should not be compared to a swimming pool. Even the best of swimmers would have a hard time tackling the complex river currents.

Many accidents in the past have happened on weekends which are extremely crowded when greedy operators have enrolled far more guests than they have the capability to ever handle. This results in major negligence, poor administration of trips, use of gear which has well past its good use life, and lack of the much needed supervision on the river and at camp.

Rafting around Kathmandu

Rafting around Kathmandu is one of the stunning and most exotic rafting affairs with the pristine glacial river waters of the Himalayas. Rafting is not only about cascading through shaded canyons, majestic gorges, rock strewn currents but getting in touch with fascinating cultures, paddling the wilderness of Nepal’s diversified flora and fauna. Take a plunge through towering gorges and forested foothills before a more tranquil journey along the Ganges plain. Feel the spiritual blessing in the air en route to the Hindu and Buddhist temples and rituals and get charmed thrilled and fascinated throughout the rafting journey. Rafting around Kathmandu gives you a chance to explore the hidden secrets unfolded mystery amidst the turbulent river waters revealing the cultural and historical significance of this water rich country for many a years.

A seasoned river operator having rafting experience of more than 20 years provides you with one of the passionate adventures while kayaking through various rivers around Kathmandu. Before setting out on a voyage into the rivers we categorize the rafting circuits into seasoned circuits and beginners as all do not have the expertise to get acquainted with the river routes. Therefore we have graded the rivers according to their difficulty and challenges right from grade-1 to grade- 5. The most attractive easily accessible and interesting is the Trishuli river. Due to its close proximity with the Kathmandu city and it can be attempted with considerable ease. The rapids are ferocious sometimes; however with the expert guidance it can be achieved and experienced without a scratch. It is suitable for the families and can be taken up as a family tour too. Another popular entity in river rafting is the Bhote Koshi River. A drive of around 3 hour’s approx from Kathmandu will reach you to this spectacularly short white water rafting trips in the world. Stunningly steepest with continuous and consistent rapids throughout the circuit gives an adrenaline rush sending waves of jitters in your spines while cascading to and fro giving you an intense feeling of this thrilling rafting trip. Bhote Koshi river circuit is therefore graded in the category of 4 -5. Hence this rafting circuit is an ideal rafting trip for intense river rafting followers who have a bit of prior rafting experience.

Himalayan river operator glides you and rides you through the vast river waters with relative ease. Rafting made easy and convenient for the river rafters around the world is our speciality. We are multipurpose and multidiverse river rafting a one of its kind in Nepal when it comes to rafting around Kathmandu. We have varied rafting range for all seasons, viz., short rafting, long rafting, family rafting, monsoon adventure rafting and River expedition. We are extremely professional in our approach, passionate and responsible about running rivers and safety of the tourist. Share and experience the proud river waters of Nepal around Kathmandu with our invaluable acquaintance and knowledge with years of international experience and know-how, an asset and strength to operate rafting adventure with a great deal of fun and safety. Get into the groove and dance with the flow of river waters while rafting with us.

Rafting in Nepal

Rafting or river rafting is not only an outdoor activity but a challenging recreation done on white water or different degrees of rough water. This particular adventure provides you with absolute thrill and excitement of the highest level. This river sport gained popularity in the mid-1970’s evolving from individuals padding 10 ft raft with double- bladed paddles to multi person raft propelled by single bladed paddles and steered by tour guides at the stern. Rafting in Nepal has not been behind in this adventure sport too. As Nepal is blessed with water resource a plenty; it is one of the water rich countries in the world and a paradise for water rafting of the international quality. Topography of Nepal is such that it has abundance of water tributaries making it a heavenly place for encountering the waters of delight. It holds rivers such as Trishuli, SunKoshi, Karnali, Bhote Koshi, Bheri, Tamur, Kali Gandaki, Upper and Lower Seti, Marshyangdi and many more… Once you beckon on this white water paradise it takes your breath away with its amazing diverse variations of white water adventure enticing you to take a plunge and have a dip into the pristine crystal waters giving a glimpse of surprises it holds for you.

River rafting in Nepal has gained popularity and scaled new heights over the years. As river rafting in Nepal is specially designed to attract visitors and give them an endless opportunity to be amazed and bedazzled with its scenic and contrasting areas offering a good variety of Nepali landscapes and its beauty as one paddles across this extreme picturesque territory of Nepal. Nepal is a granary of breath taking water resource with more than half a dozens of white water resources suitable for rafting at an excellent pace. However to address to your needs and gift you with a life time adventure of river rafting a perfect ally is needed to execute water sport according to the desired interest and capacity. Himalayan river operator is one such name who has been conducting this highly adventurous sport successfully over the years with enormous amount of sheer perfection. Rafting is not only about getting into a designed shelter and taking a plunge and exploring without appropriate guidance and adequate precautionary measures. Here Himalayan river operator plays a major role in letting you experience the water borne thrill of a life time. An, expert powerhouse and a leading pioneer of, white water rafting and kayaking since 20 years with the support of expert guides and instructors of renowned credibility. All the expert guides and instructors are International Rafting Federation (IRA) certified professionals in rafting, kayaking and other water related sports too.

Himalayan River operators are personalized responsible rafters themselves as they organize and monitor all the water expedition personally. They are the only river rafting operators in Nepal fully equipped with Swift Water Resource Technique (SWRT) and White Water Rescue Techniques (WWRT). As resourcefulness and thorough knowledge and appropriate seasonal information is required to carry out a successful rafting trip with utmost safety. As Nepal’s water rapids are diverse and pose a threat to the rafters if ventured out at the wrong time. Himalayan River Operator has its itineraries specifically designed according to the water standards into 2 broad categories as short duration (2-3) hours or even a day, to an overnight or a multiple-day rafting and kayaking river trips in Nepal.  Short river trips are normally carried out on rivers having easier sections and Trishuli River graded as III+ is one of them with a combination of impressive gorges, valleys, challenging rapids swelling and turbulent during the course and monsoon is the best season to attempt it. Similarly rushing waters of Sun Koshi graded as IV to V, Bhote Koshi a classic rapid again is graded as IV to V, Tamur River and Bheri rivers are graded in III to IV, and Seti under II to III. River rafting in Nepal comes to life in the monsoon when water is plenty and river beds and its resources swells around and becomes turbulent providing a perfect occasion to float on the water. Rivers in Nepal are divine and a rewarding spectrum for river rafting in Nepal. A magical method, to explore Nepal through waterways, and get an insight about the untouched and unexplored landscapes up-close with the flora and faunas along with the local communities too. White water rafting combines serene water bound adventure with the excitement and adrenaline of white water rapids as well as an opportunity to camp on scheduled river benches and get to know the local communities and their remote wilderness.

Himalayan river operator is a rafting agent in Nepal consistently taking rafting to the next level with pedigree of accuracy expertise and personalized rafting tours. Come experience the rapids of swirling turbulent rivers as its rapid best and give way to your wildest adventure memorabilia here on the river beds of Nepal

Taming waters of Arun

It all started in a confined room of my residence. A thought never practically accomplished combined with hydrophobia made it scary for us in its approach. On a wet monsoon day of June my wife and I made up our minds to give way to our fear and venture out into the waters of challenge and myth. As we had never tried our hands on this form of adventure heard a lot but never dared to tread around the vicinity where water had its upper hand. We carefully yet sensibly took a huge step to conquer this enigma called rafting. For this adventure we took a help of one of the best rafting organizer in the business. After gathering all the required details and fulfilling all the requirements we decided to take a plunge of a lifetime. The day finally dawned and with a deep breath we boarded the carrier provided by the company and set out on a daring journey. As we were passing by the bridges and roads, a thought kept on haunting our minds as what next. After a long drive we finally reached the mouth of the river Arun from where we had to commence our battle with the shimmering waters at our disposal. Noise of the gushing waters drenched deep into our heart and with the help of our rafting expert we stepped into the rafting boat. Although with no formal training and guidance we still had to achieve it, backed by our instincts one thing was pretty sure that we would make it. As we glided down the river we could experience lots of jolts and turns sitting on the rafting boat glancing each other’s expressions. For a while everything was calm and blissful, but the very moment a treacherous down trail was waiting for us once we reached the end of a narrow path the boat slowly but surely start to bend vertical we had our hands in our mouth and within a spur of a moment it glided like and eagle down the fall and we thought that it would be our last bend downwards. Luckily for us the person entrusted to deliver gave us immense strength and words of consolement and we overcame this hurdle. Ruggedness is at its best while going through this circuit everywhere you will find small boulders and small rocks blocking your way and you have to use your strength to get pass this. The best part while rafting Arun is the backdrop as you can experience soothing pieces of voices of flora and fauna not only that while rafting through this thick vegetation you can also get to know about the local ethnic communities and their intimate warmth which makes you feel warm under extremely trying conditions. It intermingles with the atmosphere and gives it a very special meaning to the voyage. Climatically this trail serves a mix and match sort of influence with its variations in climate which puzzles you all the time about its topographic and geographic diversity.

This was the first day’s encounter to a 3 day trip.

Second day dawned with all its glory and significance waiting to embrace us for our move on. My wife felt uneasy as she had a mild temperature and a swollen hand. We were a bit worried as the second day was a day to conquer the rapids and fall with rocks and boulders bounding the way and we had to get pass through it. Physical fitness was the order of the day as it proposed a huge challenge especially for my wife since she was unfit so she decided, to lay back and reluctantly approved me to go on. As I arrived from the point from where we had to commence I paused for a moment and took a huge breath gazed all around and set out along with other crew members. This day brought with it the unexpected challenge the rain, thundershowers pelting all around us made the river wild and difficulty reached at its zenith. Rafting expert briefed me some important instructions and asked me to be positive and stick to the basics and we would make it. All went all and turn after turn we match the challenges thrown towards us by the nature and finally reached the uptrail where we had to be. In spite of all odds we came out from it spick and span.

Final day was not too dramatic as we decided to cut our trip short and say adieu. It was not only emotional but a sad moment too, wanted to caress the waters one more time but unfortunately couldn’t as the climate went bad to worse which made rafting virtually impossible. However we had nothing to regret, although the trip was cut short we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it most importantly we overcame our fear for water which had haunted our minds for a very long time. This trip was safe and sound too simply because the company had a systematic approach and its crew members were expert and best in their business. It was a long drive back again to Kathmandu and we came out successfully with flying colors and without a scratch. Arun river will always reverie in our memories till time immemorial. A lot of thanks to Himalayan River Operator Nepal and its wonderful staffs who made it all possible for a hydrophobic.

Enjoy the adventure trip to Nepal Rafting

Nepal has earned a reputation as one of the best destinations for white water rafting in the world. Nepal is a home of many lofty mountains & long rivers. Cruising down rushing river of crashing waves and swirling rapids can make up excitement of a lifetime. Nepal’s thundering waters, coming from the glaciers of the mighty Himalaya provide unmatched thrills for rafting & immersing oneself in the landscape. A rafting trip is bound to be the highlight of your stay in Nepal. There are many rivers in Nepal where people can have fun water rafting. The waters in Nepal offer something for everybody: Grade 5-5 + river with raging white water rapids for the adventurous, to Grade 2-3 River with a few rapids for novices. Rafters also have a choice ranging from a two- week trip to two or three days. A typical day in the river begins early morning when participants arrive at the river site. Instructions on safety and emergency situation are given to participants before the event. Life vests and helmet needs to be worn by participants at all times during the trip.

Trishuli River Rafting Nepal

Trishuli River Rafting Nepal

My husband and I took the Trishuli River rafting tour as we’ve not done anything of this sort before and wanted to start off lightly. I had emailed the staff before booking to see which adventure they thought would suit us better as beginners. As we only had a day to spare, they suggested the rafting in Trishuli River as opposed to other river as that adventure was much longer and adventurous. We were taken by coach at Himalayan River Operator down to where the trip begins and given a very strict safety talk before heading down to the boat/raft. He was really nice and very interesting. Apparently he was born around same place so his knowledge of the area was very interesting to listen to. Trishuli River rafting adventure is suitable for pretty much anybody. Trishuli River had enough little ripples, splashes and bumps to keep it interesting but not too much that I feared being hurled out of the boat into the water, LOL! The guide told us that the monsoon started a little early this year (2013) and the current of river is more than expected at that time (end of May). Otherwise, he said monsoon generally started around mid June and rafting in Trishuli River in May would generally be just bit more than floating. The guide talked all about the fish, the birds, the river itself and pointed out various points of interest along the way. Even showed us some of the spots he and his mates used to leap from when they were younger! I think the trip itself lasted about two hours including travel and the safety talks. You can take a camera as they have a waterproof area to keep them in. Have a go, you’ll be glad you did! We’ve decided that the next time we visit Nepal, we’ll go up a level and a longer white water rafting adventure in Nepal.


Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is one of the best and most popular countries for one-day or multiple-day white water rafting and kayaking. There are 16 rivers in Nepal that are open for white water rafting and kayaking. Several of the rivers offer one-day or two-day trips, others offer three, six and even eight days. For those interested in real prolonged adventure, there is ten-day plan available too.

There are a vast number of rafting companies in Nepal and choosing the correct one is essential. It is very important to have river guides that are qualified with training and experience of international standard with ability of good English speaking skills, providing you with top-level safety and high-end equipment. Each river guide is enriched with wide knowledge of flora and fauna which is a great advantage to enhance your adventure experience. One must consider a few more significant features to identify a good rafting and kayaking company in Nepal:

  • The company has to be registered under law of Tourism Ministry of Nepal Government and Nepal Association of Rafting Agents (NARA).
  • Guide must have: First-Aid + CPR certificates, White Water Rescue Technician (WRT) certificates of International Rafting Federation (IRF) and international work experience.

With all of the above, you are bound to have a great adventure!