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Rafting in Nepal during summer holidays – The rafting season is here!

Rafting in rivers of Nepal is fun especially in summer. With the arrival of summer season, during the long hot days, rafting on the Trishuli River is one of the best ways to cool your mind and body which can be the perfect refreshment plan during your holidays. Himalayan River Operator has plenty of wetsuits and jackets to keep you warm on the river, but these days, they mostly go unused. Rafting at a soothing 27 degrees, the water in the river is inviting you to enjoy the fullest.

White water rafting in  Nepal can also be the great family outing in summer. You may have queries about whether rafting activity is safe for all the members of family. Well, the answer is yes if your youngest one is at least 7 years old. You will feel safest and amused to feel the adrenaline of Nepalese white water with an experienced and well trained operator having in-depth knowledge of all the rapids along the way.


The fun is not limited to rafting, you can experience the other adventure sports like kayaking, cannoning along with the amazing fishing trips at Himalayan river operator Nepal that will surely make your summer holiday a refreshing one.

Doing things is better than buying things

We often feel anxious about the launch of new gadgets in the market and intention of buying it certainly strikes our mind. But have we ever thought about the level of satisfaction that we can get by experiencing the things in our real life at similar costs? You must be reminded that when you see your grown children now love to travel and explore the globe.

With Himalayan river operator team, there will be time to enjoy things that costs nothing – rafting in Nepal , fishing in Nepal, roasting barbeque and camping; the activities that all of us love to do. We all know that our time on this beautiful planet is limited so why wouldn’t you spend some quality time with your family and enjoy your life to the fullest. The best way to have a joyful time with your family is to go for the river trip in Nepal. A river trip is the opportunity to experience the thrill of passing rapids, paddling, playing sand volleyball enjoying the natural beauty and most importantly doing all these things with your dear ones.

The decision is all yours. Whether you want to buy new gadget that becomes old tomorrow or spend the golden time with Himalayan river operator team that you would cherish forever.


Himalayan River Operator – Skill Development Training

Himalayan River Operator has always been and will continue to be one of the frontrunners, when it comes to river rafting in Nepal. Systematic planning and innovative initiatives are a hallmark of its water operations over the years. Enhancing, developing and up gradation of skills along with directional motivations have immensely aided the rafting activity and boosted the dexterity amongst rafting lovers from all walks of life. In conjugation to its years of active involvement in river rafting activity off late it added one more feather to its illustrious reputation by being a part of recently concluded Skill Development Training Program conducted by Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) at Netra Taal Dhading.

At TAAN’S initiation a 10 day Skill Development Training Program from 20th -29th January got underway at one of the impressive river waters of Netra Taal, involving categories that included boating, first-aid, rafting, rescue operations, environmental awareness and fresh water fishing. The entire program was targeted and centered around development and training of staff members associated with the umbrella organization for trekking. The entire program was a great success as the members actively participated and were involved and excited in learning advanced as well as other upgraded techniques related to water circuit. Himalayan River Operator team not only showcased their skills and abilities but extended and provided excellent in puts and expertise on to the members which was quite remarkable and precise.

At the conclusion of this program, the member participants were awarded with certificates by Minister of Cultural Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Ram Kumar Shrestha, present on the occasion were secretary for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Sushil Ghimire and president of TAAN Mr. Ramesh Dhamala. This exciting event had all the elements of an adrenaline pumping water voyage from placid waters to roaring and cascading thrills stretching and testing the participant’s physical limits by posing hindrances on every twirl. However despite all the odds the program provided a deep insight into water related obstacles and apt skills necessary to combat seen and unforeseen dangers while taking to the waters.

Wild River Rafting Of Delight

Looking for a wildest of destination simply to unwind? Then look no further, than rafting in wild River rapids of Nepal. Have you not heard of the place before? This is perhaps one of the remotest spots of the popular Himalayan kingdom, surrounded with picturesque landscapes and natural sceneries. River rafting in Nepal has always been spectacular and stunning. This extraordinary river rafting voyage becomes adventurous and enduring when you encounter the raging and swirling and cascading waters of Bhote Koshi, Trishuli, Kali-Gandaki, Seti that carves its way through the fantastic mountainous hindrances offered by the interesting valleys and gorges, engulfed amidst exciting rhododendrons, interesting array of pine and oak trees along with diversified wildlife. Additionally, the awe-inspiring sandy beaches make the place elusively perfect for camping along the crystal clear river. A fascinating River rating in Nepal opportunity, that comes across only once in a lifetime. Grab this moment with both your hands and paddle across waters that are filled with legacy and blessings of nature.
Drive your imagination wild and experience this raw opportunity to cascade down some of the wildest river in Nepal with delight. River rafting in Nepal will surely delight your senses and justify your River rafting adventure to this part of the world which has attracted thousands of river rafting seekers to take a plunge in to this every youthful wild river of delight.

Special Rafting Trip For Families School/College Groups

River Rafting in Nepal with Himalayan River Operator is the perfect adventure for friends and families as well as School and College groups. Rivers in Nepal are widely known and popular white water rafting destinations, with hundreds of people safely navigating the waters every year with great interest and enthusiasm. Over the years we have created a congenial atmosphere for river rafting along with camping along the banks of the river with easy and affordable place to stay in during the rafting stint, and exhilarating whitewaters keeps families, school, and college groups coming back year after year.

While rafting with us you will certainly enjoy a calm atmosphere. Unlike other rafting operators, who have a laborious approach and concerned only with getting you as quickly as possible to your targeted end destination.  We have always tried to make this water sport enjoyable, informative, and creative. We offer an unforgettable experience by, mixing individuals and groups with our lively and fun loving highly trained guides. Numerous rafting adventure activities and skill levels to choose from that caters and suits the mood of family vacation. We have everything covered under the roof for all ages and groups, be it novices or skilled individuals everyone would have a reason to rejoice and experience the thrills of the rivers like never before on the exciting rivers of Nepal.


Nepal: Best Affordable Rafting Adventure Destination

An extraordinary country equipped, well adapted and capable in creating valuable memories for you on Nepal’s diversified rivers. Himalayan River Operator offers guided rafting tours on various rivers of Nepal that provides exciting and thrilling vacation experiences for solo individuals, groups, business partners as well as the whole family. We offer rafting tours that challenge, excite and bond not only the families but individuals or groups from different backgrounds while maintaining the highest standards of safety. We provide affordable rafting tours that perfectly suit the interest and budget of the visitors, allowing them to escape from traffic and technology. Our white water exciting adventure facilitates team building and bonding with nature and each other as well. We are one of the best rafting outfits and excel in customizing the trips for families and groups we can create a rafting vacation to meet your desires and budget without bothering about exorbitant expenses. Moreover we will try to break the barrier and try to match any company’s advertised price. In fact we would not only attempt to match it, but even try to beat it! When you raft with us, most importantly you’ll enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. We are here to create and make a difference while rafting with us without breaking your bank to get the desired rafting adventure while in Nepal.

A Rafting Year In Nepal at Himalayan River Operator (2014).

Himalayan River Operator welcomes its ardent rafting family all around the globe and invites them to be a part of this exquisite water journey a bit distinctly this season. Rafting in Nepal has always been a sublime brand ambassador and a perfect entity for this sport over the years. Rafting has been an integral part of this country, with its free flowing waters and plenty of cascading rivers, rushing down from the high mountain terrains defying gravity. As we always have been passionate about our rivers and have seamlessly performed and provided enthusiastic river rafting operations combined with adept skills and local knowledge over the years, catapulting us to conduct extraordinary adventures which are not only fun filled but entirely safe too.

This upcoming year has many a reasons to be with us while rafting in Nepal. We have numerous rivers and routes to choose from, which works in favor of both seasoned as well as beginners who have never been on adventurous and difficult rivers before.  A prime reason to be with us during this eventful New Year is to be a part of river activities that are slated to be performed on the rivers which are a bit less understood and have all the elements of surprises and thrill factors. The rivers of Nepal have different facets and significance and rafting only on one single river would not provide the entire thrill, charm and excitement that one vies for. In order to provide adrenaline gushing adventure various river activities are scheduled such as Holy River Rafting, Raging Rapids Bhote Koshi Adventure, Golden River Rafting (Sun-Koshi), River Gem of East (Tamur River Rafting) and many more. Explore the lengths and breadths of river courses with element of surprise in each swerve and curls you take while rafting in Nepal with us. Professionally equipped with in and outs of water moods and safety guides watching your every move while paddling across the rivers is certainly an adventure not to be missed out. We definitely are a name to be associated with while rafting in Nepal this year.

Raft with Himalayan River Operator IRF Professionals for a difference

For a novice or a layman, rafting synonym instantly provides intimidating thoughts about water, rivers, and a float on which an individual sits and paddles across the river.  However rafting is not only about sitting and paddling and reaching the banks of the rivers to and fro. Rafting is an enduring human activity conducted on running rivers requiring physical skill using paddle and oar power in soft crafts and which is generally accepted as being a social, commercial and competitive sport.  To provide impetus, popularity and safety it is advisable to attempt this kind of sport with a professional entity. Himalayan River Operator is one among them, as they have relentlessly carried out the burden of their shoulders to provide solutions which satisfy the demands of rafting while preserving those ethical values, of which they are the trustees.  Himalayan River Operator has always made an impact not only to the individual through this sport but supported eco-tourism and created awareness for conservation and appreciated the environment while displaying the skill elements in the sport.  Himalayan River Operator has worked and followed the principle objectives which are deemed below:-


  1. Himalayan River Operator has always abided by the IRF principles and encouraged this water adventure with safety and dignity.
  2. We have always felt and tried to unify the whole world into a single rafting family, without indiscrimination or class.
  3. We have always tried to facilitate the growing demands of the rafting fraternity and influenced the development of rafting in Nepal.
  4. Take precautionary measures to prevent endangering of the health of the paddlers and the environment.
  5. Promote and encourage exploration of the Nepal’s diversified river system.
  6. We have always recommended river guide and river rescue services standards and training programs.
  7. We have always encouraged the development of recreational rafting as a contribution to healthy lifestyles of all ages.

Kayaking in Nepal

Kayaking originated with the Inuit people who lived in the Arctic region of North America. However in recent years the kayaking culture has come a long way and grown in leaps and bounds.  Kayaking in Nepal gathered momentum in recent years and has developed as an adventurous water sport, popular among all ages and walks of life.  Each year, more people find the time to start kayaking, whether they do it as a sport, as a hobby, or just for fun while they’re on vacation.

Kayaking in Nepal has always been exciting and intimidating water adventure over the years.  Nepal is blessed with thrilling and diversified rivers all around the country.  The river sources are perfectly tailor made by nature for performing this high adrenaline pumping sport. Unlike some other recreational activities or sports, kayaking can fit the activity level that you want and can provide hours or even days of fun for entire families – or just for one person. Anybody can enjoy kayaking, since the sport has so many different facets. It provides a perfect outdoor outing just looking for something to do for fun while you’re on vacation in Nepal, then you’ll probably want to go kayak touring. Kayak tour can be fun for the entire family as it is calm, sightseeing experience. Kayaking in Nepal is an absolute fun to share your experience with another person! Rivers in Nepal have loads of extreme kayaking activities and vary from river to river and person to person.

Make your travel destination, a kayaking destination and test your endurance, skill and imagination and give it an extra bit of thrust and choose kayaking in Nepal.  Explore the wilderness amidst the rapids and beauty of water paddling across some of the extreme rivers while kayaking in Nepal.

Rafting and kayaking Training in Nepal

Himlayan River Operator has been an epitome for River Rafting and Kayaking in Nepal. We also happen to be the flag bearer for this particular water adventure for  more than 2 decades. Based on our incomparable dedication and relentless quality service, have earned a repute with International Rafting Federation which is an achievement for us.   As a result, we were granted a special right to conduct the prestigious International Rafting Federation assessment drive here in Nepal.  This particular assessment drive was conducted on 3rd December up to 5th December on the shores of the violent and raging Bhote Koshi River.  The participants involved in this assesment drive were basically from Nepal, India and Japan and numbered to 25.  All the participants enthusiastically took part and, tried to prove themselves with their best enduring performances and water skills.

A platform for professionals and novices alike, to get what it takes to be an expert water guide and make a lucarative career in this particular profession. Overwehlemingly and ardently all our International Rafting Federation certified experts conducted this particular drive giving sufficient and required instructions  in between the tests, boosting the morale of the participants so that they could perform without  any technical fear.  This particular drive was a huge success as the entire assesment was a bagful of mixed experiences, be it camping  around the bonfire, or attempting an individual assesment routine, the environment around the river beaches was absoultely lively, entertaining and demanding  as well.  Looking at the entire assesment scenario, we are pretty certain that it in near future , assesments of these magnitude will gain momentum and spread not only in handful of countries but all around the globe.  This is quite a remarkable achievement and a glorious feat, bestowed by the International Rafting Federation, not only to our organization but also to Nepal.