Nepal: Best Affordable Rafting Adventure Destination

An extraordinary country equipped, well adapted and capable in creating valuable memories for you on Nepal’s diversified rivers. Himalayan River Operator offers guided rafting tours on various rivers of Nepal that provides exciting and thrilling vacation experiences for solo individuals, groups, business partners as well as the whole family. We offer rafting tours that challenge, excite and bond not only the families but individuals or groups from different backgrounds while maintaining the highest standards of safety. We provide affordable rafting tours that perfectly suit the interest and budget of the visitors, allowing them to escape from traffic and technology. Our white water exciting adventure facilitates team building and bonding with nature and each other as well. We are one of the best rafting outfits and excel in customizing the trips for families and groups we can create a rafting vacation to meet your desires and budget without bothering about exorbitant expenses. Moreover we will try to break the barrier and try to match any company’s advertised price. In fact we would not only attempt to match it, but even try to beat it! When you raft with us, most importantly you’ll enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. We are here to create and make a difference while rafting with us without breaking your bank to get the desired rafting adventure while in Nepal.

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