Special Rafting Trip For Families School/College Groups

River Rafting in Nepal with Himalayan River Operator is the perfect adventure for friends and families as well as School and College groups. Rivers in Nepal are widely known and popular white water rafting destinations, with hundreds of people safely navigating the waters every year with great interest and enthusiasm. Over the years we have created a congenial atmosphere for river rafting along with camping along the banks of the river with easy and affordable place to stay in during the rafting stint, and exhilarating whitewaters keeps families, school, and college groups coming back year after year.

While rafting with us you will certainly enjoy a calm atmosphere. Unlike other rafting operators, who have a laborious approach and concerned only with getting you as quickly as possible to your targeted end destination.  We have always tried to make this water sport enjoyable, informative, and creative. We offer an unforgettable experience by, mixing individuals and groups with our lively and fun loving highly trained guides. Numerous rafting adventure activities and skill levels to choose from that caters and suits the mood of family vacation. We have everything covered under the roof for all ages and groups, be it novices or skilled individuals everyone would have a reason to rejoice and experience the thrills of the rivers like never before on the exciting rivers of Nepal.


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