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Guided fishing trip in Nepal

Nepal fishing trip provides an excellent opportunity to spot and catch the different species of fishes from golden mahseer, rainbow trout to huge catfish and carps for the fishing enthusiasts. More than one hundred species of fishes are encountered here making Nepal the prime destination for fishing. Regarding the fishing months, February, March, April, May, October and November are considered as an ideal.

Fishing in Nepal has been developing as the sport in Nepal and it requires lots of patience to catch the fish. We will guide you to the main fishing rivers and lakes in Nepal so that you can have the best experience. The rivers like Karnali, Trishuli, Koshi, Indrabati and Betrrabati are the main fishing rivers. Fishing can be done independently but it is not recommended as it is not considered safe. No! The fish won’t catch you but you might get drowned in the deep lakes and raging rivers if not guided properly. Along with the safety issues also the fishing with the group is full of fun in itself. At the end of the day you can compete who has caught many fish.

Himalayan River Operator has been guiding the fishing trips which can be perfectly blended with rafting so that you can have the perfect fishing adventure holiday in Nepal.

Doing things is better than buying things

We often feel anxious about the launch of new gadgets in the market and intention of buying it certainly strikes our mind. But have we ever thought about the level of satisfaction that we can get by experiencing the things in our real life at similar costs? You must be reminded that when you see your grown children now love to travel and explore the globe.

With Himalayan river operator team, there will be time to enjoy things that costs nothing – rafting in Nepal , fishing in Nepal, roasting barbeque and camping; the activities that all of us love to do. We all know that our time on this beautiful planet is limited so why wouldn’t you spend some quality time with your family and enjoy your life to the fullest. The best way to have a joyful time with your family is to go for the river trip in Nepal. A river trip is the opportunity to experience the thrill of passing rapids, paddling, playing sand volleyball enjoying the natural beauty and most importantly doing all these things with your dear ones.

The decision is all yours. Whether you want to buy new gadget that becomes old tomorrow or spend the golden time with Himalayan river operator team that you would cherish forever.

Fishing in Nepal – Nepal Fishing Trips

Fishing in Nepal is primarily and outstanding water sport testing tolerance patience along with long enduring abilities to entice a fish to lure into bait or an angle is interesting and rewarding as well. Fishing is an eco-friendly sport perfectly suited for a country like Nepal, rich in water resources of varied nature and courses. Rivers of the likes of Betrawati, Indrawati, Karnali, Trishuli and Koshi are popular rivers where fishing can be done. Nepal fishing trips have always been known to present elusive and exiting fishes to pursue and difficult to persuade or lure into one of the nets or anglers.

Nepal Fishing Trips offers you a galore of fish species ranging from trout, catfish, Murrei, rainbow trout, common trout and more. The best season for fishing in Nepal is from October to November and February to May. Fishing in Nepal is always remembered for the elusive Golden Himalayan Mahseer an ultimate prize for the anglers all around the world. This particular aquatic species is an aggressive feeder and weighs over 100lbs (50kgs) easily one of the great sporting fresh water fish found in the Indian sub-continent. However Karnali is a boom in disguise for fish lovers and provides an excellent spot for fishing enthusiast.

Himalayan River Operator is a profound provider of seamless fishing trips in Nepal. Fishing Trips here have always been ardently pursued by visitors all over the world as it entirely handles and takes care of each aspect related to this adventurous activity right from the equipments to water courses and most eminent among all safety. Be there to be drained out and take a spirited plunge being streamlined along with the marine stalwarts and get the desired pick of your choice.