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Why Raft with Himalayan River Operator

For a tantalizing treat in the form of adrenaline, heart-pumping adventure you must go whitewater rafting in Nepal! Water sports enthusiasts will be won over by the warm water and fun rapids offered by rafting trips in the Trishuli, Bhote Koshi and other areas of Nepal.

More Rivers To Raft

Himalayan River Operator offers white water rafting on more rivers than any other Nepal river rafting outfitter. Choose from dozens of unique rafting itineraries in and around Nepal , including rafting escapes lasting just one day, fun-filled rafting weekends, three-week long rafting adventure vacations and just about everything in between.

More Paddling Experience

Himalayan River Operators have escorted more than 1000s of guests on the rivers around Nepal. Our reliable, responsible and experienced whitewater guides are some of the best anywhere. All are IRF certified guides, and well trained in First Aid; many have earned credentials in Swift Water Rescue Technique and Leave No Trace.

Fewer Crowds

Himalayan River Operator offers the best guide to guest ratio (1:4) in the rafting industry, giving you the personalized attention you expect and deserve. Typically we carry no more than 4 to 6 passengers per raft.

Responsible Eco-Friendly Rafting Operator

We are environmentally committed and have always pledged and tried to sustain the ecosystem during our rafting trip adventures. Our mission is to provide exceptional active rafting experiences in and around various river water sources while preserving and protecting Nepal’s unique ecosystem using the best available ecologically sound practices.

Our environmental efforts include:-

Teaching and practicing Leave No Trace ethics on all our trips.

Do not remove any objects, plants or animal products from nature.

Be aware of local endangered species and not to purchase souvenirs made from their skin feathers etc.