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Rafting around Kathmandu

Rafting around Kathmandu is one of the stunning and most exotic rafting affairs with the pristine glacial river waters of the Himalayas. Rafting is not only about cascading through shaded canyons, majestic gorges, rock strewn currents but getting in touch with fascinating cultures, paddling the wilderness of Nepal’s diversified flora and fauna. Take a plunge through towering gorges and forested foothills before a more tranquil journey along the Ganges plain. Feel the spiritual blessing in the air en route to the Hindu and Buddhist temples and rituals and get charmed thrilled and fascinated throughout the rafting journey. Rafting around Kathmandu gives you a chance to explore the hidden secrets unfolded mystery amidst the turbulent river waters revealing the cultural and historical significance of this water rich country for many a years.

A seasoned river operator having rafting experience of more than 20 years provides you with one of the passionate adventures while kayaking through various rivers around Kathmandu. Before setting out on a voyage into the rivers we categorize the rafting circuits into seasoned circuits and beginners as all do not have the expertise to get acquainted with the river routes. Therefore we have graded the rivers according to their difficulty and challenges right from grade-1 to grade- 5. The most attractive easily accessible and interesting is the Trishuli river. Due to its close proximity with the Kathmandu city and it can be attempted with considerable ease. The rapids are ferocious sometimes; however with the expert guidance it can be achieved and experienced without a scratch. It is suitable for the families and can be taken up as a family tour too. Another popular entity in river rafting is the Bhote Koshi River. A drive of around 3 hour’s approx from Kathmandu will reach you to this spectacularly short white water rafting trips in the world. Stunningly steepest with continuous and consistent rapids throughout the circuit gives an adrenaline rush sending waves of jitters in your spines while cascading to and fro giving you an intense feeling of this thrilling rafting trip. Bhote Koshi river circuit is therefore graded in the category of 4 -5. Hence this rafting circuit is an ideal rafting trip for intense river rafting followers who have a bit of prior rafting experience.

Himalayan river operator glides you and rides you through the vast river waters with relative ease. Rafting made easy and convenient for the river rafters around the world is our speciality. We are multipurpose and multidiverse river rafting a one of its kind in Nepal when it comes to rafting around Kathmandu. We have varied rafting range for all seasons, viz., short rafting, long rafting, family rafting, monsoon adventure rafting and River expedition. We are extremely professional in our approach, passionate and responsible about running rivers and safety of the tourist. Share and experience the proud river waters of Nepal around Kathmandu with our invaluable acquaintance and knowledge with years of international experience and know-how, an asset and strength to operate rafting adventure with a great deal of fun and safety. Get into the groove and dance with the flow of river waters while rafting with us.