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Rafting in Nepal

Rafting or river rafting is not only an outdoor activity but a challenging recreation done on white water or different degrees of rough water. This particular adventure provides you with absolute thrill and excitement of the highest level. This river sport gained popularity in the mid-1970’s evolving from individuals padding 10 ft raft with double- bladed paddles to multi person raft propelled by single bladed paddles and steered by tour guides at the stern. Rafting in Nepal has not been behind in this adventure sport too. As Nepal is blessed with water resource a plenty; it is one of the water rich countries in the world and a paradise for water rafting of the international quality. Topography of Nepal is such that it has abundance of water tributaries making it a heavenly place for encountering the waters of delight. It holds rivers such as Trishuli, SunKoshi, Karnali, Bhote Koshi, Bheri, Tamur, Kali Gandaki, Upper and Lower Seti, Marshyangdi and many more… Once you beckon on this white water paradise it takes your breath away with its amazing diverse variations of white water adventure enticing you to take a plunge and have a dip into the pristine crystal waters giving a glimpse of surprises it holds for you.

River rafting in Nepal has gained popularity and scaled new heights over the years. As river rafting in Nepal is specially designed to attract visitors and give them an endless opportunity to be amazed and bedazzled with its scenic and contrasting areas offering a good variety of Nepali landscapes and its beauty as one paddles across this extreme picturesque territory of Nepal. Nepal is a granary of breath taking water resource with more than half a dozens of white water resources suitable for rafting at an excellent pace. However to address to your needs and gift you with a life time adventure of river rafting a perfect ally is needed to execute water sport according to the desired interest and capacity. Himalayan river operator is one such name who has been conducting this highly adventurous sport successfully over the years with enormous amount of sheer perfection. Rafting is not only about getting into a designed shelter and taking a plunge and exploring without appropriate guidance and adequate precautionary measures. Here Himalayan river operator plays a major role in letting you experience the water borne thrill of a life time. An, expert powerhouse and a leading pioneer of, white water rafting and kayaking since 20 years with the support of expert guides and instructors of renowned credibility. All the expert guides and instructors are International Rafting Federation (IRA) certified professionals in rafting, kayaking and other water related sports too.

Himalayan River operators are personalized responsible rafters themselves as they organize and monitor all the water expedition personally. They are the only river rafting operators in Nepal fully equipped with Swift Water Resource Technique (SWRT) and White Water Rescue Techniques (WWRT). As resourcefulness and thorough knowledge and appropriate seasonal information is required to carry out a successful rafting trip with utmost safety. As Nepal’s water rapids are diverse and pose a threat to the rafters if ventured out at the wrong time. Himalayan River Operator has its itineraries specifically designed according to the water standards into 2 broad categories as short duration (2-3) hours or even a day, to an overnight or a multiple-day rafting and kayaking river trips in Nepal.  Short river trips are normally carried out on rivers having easier sections and Trishuli River graded as III+ is one of them with a combination of impressive gorges, valleys, challenging rapids swelling and turbulent during the course and monsoon is the best season to attempt it. Similarly rushing waters of Sun Koshi graded as IV to V, Bhote Koshi a classic rapid again is graded as IV to V, Tamur River and Bheri rivers are graded in III to IV, and Seti under II to III. River rafting in Nepal comes to life in the monsoon when water is plenty and river beds and its resources swells around and becomes turbulent providing a perfect occasion to float on the water. Rivers in Nepal are divine and a rewarding spectrum for river rafting in Nepal. A magical method, to explore Nepal through waterways, and get an insight about the untouched and unexplored landscapes up-close with the flora and faunas along with the local communities too. White water rafting combines serene water bound adventure with the excitement and adrenaline of white water rapids as well as an opportunity to camp on scheduled river benches and get to know the local communities and their remote wilderness.

Himalayan river operator is a rafting agent in Nepal consistently taking rafting to the next level with pedigree of accuracy expertise and personalized rafting tours. Come experience the rapids of swirling turbulent rivers as its rapid best and give way to your wildest adventure memorabilia here on the river beds of Nepal