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Himalayan River Operator Nepal - Whitewater Rafting in Nepal, River Rafting & Kayaking Company in Nepal.

Day Tours

Trisuli One Day River Rafting Tour

Trisuli is the most popular rafting river of Nepal with great opportunity to view the panorama of gorgeous gorges along with experiencing thrill and adventure of white water rafting which can be easily approachable from major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara.

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One Day Canyoning Activity

Canyoning ( or commonly known as canyoneering in the US) is the down climbing sport in huge rocks or canyons using different techniques that includes outdoor activity such as climbing, jumping, scrambling and abseiling or rapelling down the steep rocks to flawless water pool below which is new and adventurous sport in Nepal.

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Bhotekoshi One Day River Rafting Tour

Originating from Himalayas of Tibet, a trip on the Bhote Koshi is the steepest river rafting adventure in Nepal through magnificent gorges and valleys along the way.

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Latest Blog Post on 16th January

Top 5 rivers for rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal is the adventurous way of exploring various rivers, valleys originating from Himalayas along the feeling of ultimate thrill and excitement. Nepal rafting rivers are ideal for both beginners and experienced paddlers. White water rafting in Nepal can be experienced while you embark for trekking or tours in Nepal. From one day rafting [...]

Latest Blog Post on 20th July

Guided fishing trip in Nepal

Nepal fishing trip provides an excellent opportunity to spot and catch the different species of fishes from golden mahseer, rainbow trout to huge catfish and carps for the fishing enthusiasts. More than one hundred species of fishes are encountered here making Nepal the prime destination for fishing. Regarding the fishing months, February, March, April, May, [...]

Adventure Adrenaline Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking in Nepal

Himalayan River Operator Nepal is one of the best and leading white water rafting and kayaking company in Nepal owned by a group of rafting and water sports professionals, some of whom are instructors at International Rafting Federation (IRF) whereas others are senior river guides of Nepal with over 20 years of experience in rafting, Kayaking and water activities in all the rivers of Nepal as well as rivers of other countries including Japan, India, Tibet, Bhutan, etc. The owners of Himalayan River Operator Nepal are operators themselves who are highly qualified in all aspects required to make a good rafting and kayaking company in Nepal: rafting, kayaking, Swift Water Rescue Techniques (SRT), White Water Rescue techniques (WRT), Wildness First-Aid and knowledge of local flora and fauna. Himalayan River Operator Nepal operates rafting and kayaking trips in Nepal as well as other water activities with branded equipments. With the help of high-quality river rafting and kayaking equipments, swift water rescue technicians, and white water rescue technicians, clients can experience a safe and risk-free white water rafting and kayaking trips in Nepal with Himalayan River Operator Nepal!

Himalayan River Operator Nepal operates short duration (2-3 hours) rafting trips in Nepal to an overnight to multiple-day rafting and kayaking trips in Nepal. Short white water river rafting trip is available at famous river Trisuli. We offer multiple-day whitewater rafting and kayaking trips or expeditions on rivers like: Sunkoshi River - 9 nights/10 days; Karnali River - 9 nights/10 days; Tamor River- 10 days; Arun River-10 days; Bheri River - 6 days; West Seti River - 8 days. If you do not have enough time to make a long rafting trip of 8-10 days, you can choose options a rafting trip in Nepal with fewer days in the rivers like Trishuli River (Few hours to 1-3 days), Lower Seti River (2 days), Upper Seti River (1 day), Bhote Koshi River (2 days), Kali Gandaki River Upper (3 days), Marshyandi River (3 days) and Kali Gandaki River Lower (5 days). Besides the white water rafting and kayaking trips in Nepal, we offer fishing trips too. The good news is that we provide kayaking courses for beginners or first-timers. We coach you everything you need to know such as paddle strokes, river maneuvers, rolling, water reading, whitewater kayaking and many more.

HRON holds international recognition as the river guides of the company are certified by International Rafting Federation (IRF).



Responsible Tourism

HRON holds accountability for maintaining a responsible tourism while operating the most adventurous rafting in Nepal. We have been promoting ecotourism and sustainable tourism in every way possible in order to assure friendly relationship with environment and respectful treat to the local cultures. In order to establish responsible tourism in solid way, we are upgrading village tourism too. This rafting company in Nepal favors tourism that nurtures the visitors with in-depth knowledge and need of conservation of the cultures and environment they visit.

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A reason to raft and paddle with us

Although rafting operators and raft companies are scattered around Kathmandu. Himalayan river operator offers you the most exotic, adventurous and genuine water experience with the pristine cascading rivers of Nepal. We are not only one of the oldest and pioneers in rafting but also a resourceful and purposeful in sustaining the environment while rafting in the rivers of Nepal. Why you need to be with us is self-explanatory based upon our vision below:

  • Over the years we have evolved as a responsible tourism company sustaining environment and promoting local culture respecting its values and developing it gradually.
  • Our entire river guides are IRF certified holding glorified experience of over 20 years in the business. An added advantage in terms of safety and knowledge about the water routes have proved handy over the years during adventurous rafting trail around Nepal.
  • Flexible approach and rafting itineraries designed according to the interest of the tourist and also upon the challenge posed by various river circuits.
  • Himalayan river operator provides you with various options viz., family and school rafting trip, a single day rafting trip, personalized river rafting trip and a rare river rafting expedition in Nepal one of the least attempted and non-commercial too.

Rafting in Nepal

Rivers of Nepal descend further and faster than any other rivers in the world, offering thrilling rapids for rafting in Nepal. Many rivers have cut sheer-sided valleys thousands of meters deep, creating enormously unstable hillsides. Any external cause such as earthquake ...

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Family & School Rafting Trip

Rafting in Nepal is a great way to enjoy time with your family. You are never old to make an adventure, nor are your grandchilden too young for it unless they are 7 years old. If only you desire, there are a number of ways and options that will lead you to adventurous yet safe ...

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Kayaking in Nepal

Ever run a white water river on your own boat? Have you ever challenged river rapids, surfed big waves and done all the fun stuffs? Need some skills? We are here to help you out. Our kayaking courses for beginners make it sure that even first-timers can enjoy.

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Day Rafting

One-day rafting trips involve less challenging white water and are ideally suited to first-time rafters and families. Others attract experienced thrill-seekers with their world class rapids.

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Multi Day Rafting Tour

Our multi-day rafting trips take you into some of Nepal's most remote areas where you will get an opportunity to camp in the midst of outstanding wilderness of Nepal. Often such a long rafting/kayaking trips....

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Rafting Expedition in Nepal

Himalayan River Operator Nepal can arrange personalized river trips by raft and kayak for any group of experienced rafters. These expeditions are not commercially run: they exist only when requested which means you have complete..

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Fishing Trip in Nepal

Fishing Trip in Nepal is a growing passion among many visitors in the country. Also commonly known as angling, fishing requires a lot of time and patience. Being the second richest country in water resources, the rivers of Nepal are home to ....

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Tailor made itinerary

Himalayan River Operator Nepal is keenly focused on customer needs. Besides operating short, overnight and multiple-day trips, it also creates tailor-made itinerary for white water rafting and kayaking trips in Nepal. We truly..

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