Guided fishing trip in Nepal

Nepal fishing trip provides an excellent opportunity to spot and catch the different species of fishes from golden mahseer, rainbow trout to huge catfish and carps for the fishing enthusiasts. More than one hundred species of fishes are encountered here making Nepal the prime destination for fishing. Regarding the fishing months, February, March, April, May, October and November are considered as an ideal.

Fishing in Nepal has been developing as the sport in Nepal and it requires lots of patience to catch the fish. We will guide you to the main fishing rivers and lakes in Nepal so that you can have the best experience. The rivers like Karnali, Trishuli, Koshi, Indrabati and Betrrabati are the main fishing rivers. Fishing can be done independently but it is not recommended as it is not considered safe. No! The fish won’t catch you but you might get drowned in the deep lakes and raging rivers if not guided properly. Along with the safety issues also the fishing with the group is full of fun in itself. At the end of the day you can compete who has caught many fish.

Himalayan River Operator has been guiding the fishing trips which can be perfectly blended with rafting so that you can have the perfect fishing adventure holiday in Nepal.

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